place for meditation
performance-meditation in public spaces

#outside_observer wears orange overall that symbolizes a monk and road worker. She takes a piece of a cardboard off the street and finds a place for meditation.

Meditation in public is an experiment for both people around and the artist. She purposely puts herself to extreme conditions of practice. While being peaceful and sitting quietly with her eyes closed, she is a challenge for society.

It turns out that silent presence can be uncomfortable for passersby. However, the way people react to meditation is a reflection of their own thoughts and emotions. Someone ignores, another one laughs and sympathizes, somebody goes off with aggression. Whatever happens, the artist is not involved in the situation, she allows people and events to manifest themselves.
Daria Pugachova, the creator of the project:

'I wanted to combine art and meditation in real life – this is how the idea of Place for Meditation was born.

People think they must meditate under special conditions. But this is a myth.
The place for meditation is not somewhere in the mountains, it's within you.

I believe that art and meditation should exist beyond galleries and temples.

Even if a person is not into art and does not practice yoga, they can become an outside observer.

Everyone who reacts to the meditation is a part of the performance and its co-creator'.
the whole world as a
place for meditation
I want to travel around the world with the Place for Meditation

I dream to perform in different countries and film a documentary about people I meet and places where I meditate

I believe that we can transform our reality by being present –
let my story inspire everyone to be a creator

support the project and my dream
you can also help as a volunteer (taking photos / filming etc.)
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place for meditation
is within you

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