Daria Pugachova (1990)
Ukrainian artist Daria Pugachova is known for her performance when she meditates on the streets as #outside_observer. Daria wears an orange overall which is both related to Buddhist monks and road workers. She considers city space as a place for meditation. She sits on a piece of cardboard in silence and observes the people's reactions to her presence.
Daria was inspired by the performances of Yoko Ono and Marina Abramovic as well as her practice of meditation, which she has been in for 10 years. Daria studied photography and got an architect diploma. During 2013–2019 she played the drums in a musical band Panivalkova. In 2019 musicians split up and Daria dived into the contemporary art field with visual art and performances. Since 2019 Daria has made over 60 performances in Ukraine, Berlin, Barcelona, Montenegro, and India. Daria also works with video art, installations, and activist projects about peace.

Artist Statement

When I make a performance, I enter a certain state of mind that I call "outside observer". I observe everything that is happening at the moment: the traffic, all the sounds, people's reactions to the performance. I become a motionless object in space while staying aware. People are caught by surprise seeing a performance in the city, so they project different emotions onto a performer – anger, fear, rapture, rejection, etc. My idea is to remain silent and do not identify myself with both "good" and "bad" reactions. I merge with the city and allow things to come naturally. Everyone who notices me becomes an observer themselves. By performing in public places, I want to connect with all people without exception. Some never attend exhibitions so I believe art should step out of galleries and become a part of everyday life. Performance in the city blurs the boundaries between art and reality, thereby changing it.
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